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Earn Money For Your Organization With Promotional Shirts: Five Fundraising Ideas

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Tired of fundraisers that force you to go door to door selling overpriced chocolates, magazine subscriptions or cans of nuts? Then, it's time to find a fundraiser you can really get behind – clothing with your team or organization's logo. Whether you have sweatshirts, windbreakers, t-shirts or any other items commissioned, there are many ways those items can help you get cash. Here are a few fun fundraising ideas:

1. Simple Sales

Want to make it simple? Then, just buy shirts and sweatshirts with your team or school logo and sell them. Have them for sale at games or special events – they can be right at the concession stand.

If you have a central office for your team or your league, have these items constantly on sale there as well. It will provide you with a potentially constant trickle of fundraising dollars.

2. Raffle Prizes

Raffles are a great way to fundraise, and in addition to the other great gifts you have in your raffle, consider adding a few branded t-shirts or other branded clothing to the loot. Now, you don't even need to have an event to host a raffle. You can do the whole thing online if you like.

3. Swag Bags

If you are having a charity run, a charity party or any other fundraising event with a swag bag for attendees, consider putting promotional shirts in your swag bag. Even if the event is for charity, people are more likely to enjoy it and thus more likely to return next year, if they have adequate amounts of swag. As an added bonus, when participants wear your shirts around town, it boosts your organization's exposure.

4. Sports Tournaments

If your team, school, charity organization or other group decides to host a golf, three-on-three basketball or any other sports tournament, shirts are a great way to distinguish teams from each other. It also heightens the enjoyment of your event. Buy different colors of shirts for each team, but have your logo on all of them. Raise money through the fees required from each participating team.

5. Donor Levels

Some people like to be noticed for what they donate. For this purpose, it can help your fundraiser if you have different promotional clothing for donors who donate different amounts of money. Consider investing in something nice like high quality windbreakers or sweatshirts.

Print your team or organization name on all of the items, but have some items embossed with different seals, each representing a different level of giving. Although the distinctions will be subtle, many donors will give more to get "gold level" donor shirts.