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Design With Privacy In Mind: Two Reasons To Get Serious About Protecting The Sensitive Data Your Website Collects

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Your website will have the edge over your competitors if you can assure visitors and users that you’re doing the utmost to protect their privacy and their private data. Not only are customers demanding an end to online tracking and easily compromised data, you can also expect more laws to be passed to cover how you handle sensitive data that users share with your site. Here are some reasons to get serious about arranging your web development program around user privacy: Read More»

Earn Money For Your Organization With Promotional Shirts: Five Fundraising Ideas

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Tired of fundraisers that force you to go door to door selling overpriced chocolates, magazine subscriptions or cans of nuts? Then, it’s time to find a fundraiser you can really get behind – clothing with your team or organization’s logo. Whether you have sweatshirts, windbreakers, t-shirts or any other items commissioned, there are many ways those items can help you get cash. Here are a few fun fundraising ideas: 1. Simple Sales Read More»